How does Baptiste end?

The characteristically bleak final episode of the BBC crime thriller revealed Julien’s long-lost son Niels to be the police mole working for the Brigada Serbulu. However, viewers didn’t seem to be too shocked by the revelation after Julien uncovered surveillance footage of Niels arranging Kim’s murder.

What happens at the end of Baptiste?

Eventually, Niels was tracked down by the police. The corrupt officer panicked and he shot dead his mother Martha dead before he was arrested. The conclusion felt unresolved and there were more questions than answers with the door left open for another series.

Who Killed Martha in Baptiste?

Baptiste shouted, “No, Martha!”—and Niels shot his mother in the head, killing her. He got off one more shot, hitting Baptiste—his father—in the arm, before he himself was apprehended.

What happened to Baptiste?

Baptiste is dragged into the case after Amsterdam’s Chief of Police – who also happens to be the detective’s former girlfriend – seeks out his help to solve it. When we last saw Baptiste at the end of 2016 he received the diagnosis of a brain tumour.

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Is Baptiste a spin-off from the missing?

But recently, Karyo has best been known for his role as Julien Baptiste, the title character in the new series. That’s because this is a spin-off of another successful BBC series, The Missing, both seasons of which aired over here in the states on STARZ.

What car does Baptiste Drive? 2004 Jaguar X-Type Estate 2.0D [X400] in “Baptiste, 2019-2021”

What is the story of Baptiste?

While Julien Baptiste is in Amsterdam with his family, an old friend, Martha, from the Dutch police, asks him to search for a missing sex worker, Natalie Rose. He meets Edward, who claims to be Natalie’s uncle, and the two men delve into the criminal underworld of Amsterdam’s red light district.

Will there be a season 2 of Baptiste?

Mystery series Baptiste will return to Masterpiece for a second season, one which will apparently look quite a bit different from the first. The BBC has released a series of first-look images from Season 2, which show us a much-changed detective Julien Baptiste, along with a look at new incoming guest star Fiona Shaw.

Who was Martha in Baptiste?

Martha is one of the most senior police officers in Amsterdam. She is an ex-girlfriend of Julien Baptiste and when she finds that he is temporarily staying in town, enrols him to help on a serious missing person case that she believes could be connected to Romanian sex trafficking operations in the city.

How many episodes of Baptiste masterpiece are there?


Is the actor who plays Baptiste disabled?

Unlike Baptiste, actor Tchécky Karyo does not have a real-life limp. In fact, he has previously revealed that he struggles to remember which leg is the one he should be limping with. “I have to remember which leg it is,” he told HuffPost. However, the limp has become completely associated with the Turkish actor.

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What language does Baptiste speak?

He is fluent in Haitian Creole, French, and English.

Is Baptiste French?

Jean-Baptiste Augustin is a French name derived from two saints, Saint John the Baptist and Saint Augustine of Hippo. He also shares his name with a French painter.

Do you need to watch the missing before Baptiste?

Do I need to have watched The Missing? No, there’s some familiar faces but you don’t need to have seen The Missing. Tchéky Karyo, who plays Julien Baptiste explained: “The DNA of The Missing series one and two is still rooted in the story of Baptiste.

How can I watch Baptiste?

Baptiste will premiere on BBC One at 9pm tonight and will air every Sunday thereafter. You can watch it as it airs on the channel or stream it live via the BBC iPlayer.

Where was the missing filmed?

The filming locations were Morocco, Belgium (Malmedy, Brussels & Ghent) and Germany. Episode four shows a Hanover hospital (which was filmed in Az Sint-Lucas Ghent) and episode five shows soldiers marching over the Vesdre dam in eastern Belgium, and the fictional Vaaren in Switzerland is Monschau, in Germany.

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