How do I remove highlights in gospel library?

To remove a highlight, do a quick tap on the highlight, then tap the “Remove” button on the menu that pops up. If you have multiple highlights on top of the first, you’ll need to repeat a few times (for each highlight deleted, you should see the color getting lighter).

How do you unmark Scriptures in the Gospel Library?

Here’s what to do: tap on the marked word or phrase and a “Choose highlight” menu will come up. Tap a selection and it will take you back out to the verse. Tap once on the word or phrase with the highlight you want to remove. The option menu should now give you the option to “remove” when you tap the right arrow.

How do I remove highlights from notes?

Click on the highlight or sticky note, and then right click your mouse for options. Choose “Delete Annotation” at the bottom of the popup window and you will remove the selected highlights or the sticky note. Make sure you DO NOT click “Remove”.

How do you highlight in LDS Library?

From the Gospel Library app, highlighting is very easy. Gently set your finger on a part of the text you want to highlight and hold it there. After a moment you will see two yellow cursors appear with a highlighted section between them. You might also notice that a box of new options appears near the cursors.

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How do I remove highlights from Iphone notes?

Deleting a note and/or highlight

On iOS, tap on the highlighted text and select the ‘Delete’ icon to remove the highlight and note. On Android, hold down on the highlighted text and tap the ‘Delete’ icon to remove the highlight and note.

How do you delete highlights?

Remove highlighting from part or all of a document

  1. Select the text that you want to remove highlighting from, or press Ctrl+A to select all of the text in the document.
  2. Go to Home and select the arrow next to Text Highlight Color.
  3. Select No Color.

How do you use Notes in the Gospel Library?

You can make a note connected to a text in Gospel Library by resting your finger on the text until little colored cursors appear to the left and right of the word your finger rests on. Then drag the little cursors to the beginning and ending of the phrase you want highlighted.

How do I change the language on my Gospel Library?

Use the pull down menu to find the settings. In the setting menu, you’ll see an option for “languages” near the top of the list. It should start out set to English. There are a lot of options.

How do I remove highlights in Apple Books?

If you want to delete a highlight in Apple Books later, this is super easy. Select any part of the highlighted text and click Remove Highlight from the shortcut menu or click Edit > Highlight > None from the menu bar.

How do I highlight on my Iphone?

Highlight in Other Apps

  1. Tap the “Share” Button. …
  2. Tap the “More” Button on the TOP/COLORFUL Row. …
  3. Enable “LINER” then Tap “Done”
  4. Open an Article You Want to Highlight. …
  5. Tap the “Share” Button. …
  6. Tap the “LINER” Button.
  7. Press on the “Highlight Now” Button or Highlight it Later.
  8. Long Press the Text to Start Highlighting.
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Can you highlight on iBooks?

On your iPad you may want to highlight specific words or passages within a page of an iBook. … When you tap the Highlight button, the word or passage you selected is highlighted in yellow. You can later read the highlight by returning to the Table of Contents page in the same way that you find a bookmark.

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